Sarah P. Hubert-Levy - President & CEO, Ergogrip Inc.

Included in the list of Canadian Women Innovators, Canadian Intellectual Property Office.



Who are we?

We are experienced designers of ergonomic dishware and innovative food service equipment. We are the first Canadian company to design and manufacture specialty products for the Canadian healthcare sector nationwide. Our products are stylish with an avant-guard flair and are aesthetically pleasing. They allow our customers to provide a quality meal service program which can be enjoyed in the comfort of a dining room, or during personal in-room dining. We are qualified consultants specializing in meal assembly and distribution. We help to optimize efficiency and streamline processes within food service departments. Skilled experts in all types of meal systems, we specialize in healthcare institutions including hospitals, long term care and retirement homes. We offer a wide variety of exclusive, proprietary manufactured products ideal for any healthcare food service department. Most of our products are designed by us and manufactured in Canada.

Our history

Since our inception in 1998, Ergogrip has never looked back. Consistently growing, serving an increasing number of satisfied customers year after year. Ergogrip is renowned for our passionate team, our exemplary customer service, our strategic partnerships and the high quality certifications of our products. The soul of our company is entwined with the unique link we have created with our clients. We are constantly innovating and improving our products to the highest standards in response to the specific needs of our customers.

Our mission

  1. To offer the chance for our seniors, and anyone with reduced dexterity, to regain their autonomy, dignity and good health

  2. To promote and stimulate the human side of healthcare

  3. To innovate and adapt to the real needs of our customers

  4. To simplify and improve the life of all those who use our products

  5. To offer continuously improved high quality products

  6. To establish trusting relationships by listening to our customers






A story of innovation and success!