FAQ / frequently asked questions

  1. Ergogrip is 100% Canadian.

  2. We specialize in purposely designed innovative food service dishware, food service equipment and meal delivery systems and components.

  3. Our main purpose is to provide food service solutions for the healthcare sector.

  4. Most Ergogrip products are professionally designed in-house and manufactured in Canada.

  5. Ergogrip custom designs and manufacturers all of our ergonomic products to our own proprietary standards.

  6. Over 30 years of expert experience in consultation, optimisation and technical support in the food service department.

  7. 80% of our products are Canadian and 20% are imported products.

  • Ergogrip may be head quartered in Montreal and have an office in Ontario, but we are national in scope.

  • We provide our smallwares and equipment direct to customers across Canada from coast to coast.

  • Ergogrip sells direct to the end user, our customer, therefore we are able to offer professional services and high quality products.

  • Our regular shipping days are Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

  • Normally, orders are processed upon receipt and shipped within 2 to 5 business days (except for equipment).

  • If there is a weekend or holiday involved, or if orders are received late in the day, shipping may take more than 5 days.

  • Please plan your orders accordingly to avoid disappointment.

  • Ergogrip’s reusable dishware carries a one (1) year warranty from date of purchase (invoice date).

  • The warranty covers manufacturer’s defects.

  • The warranty does not cover damages as a result of misuse or negligence on your part.

  • All warranty claims are subject to the following conditions:

    1. Any suspected defect must be reported to us in writing detailing the problem. Ergogrip reserves the right to decide whether if the condition reported represents a defect or not.

    2. If it is determined that a defect does exist, then Ergogrip will replace the defective dishware at no charge. The appropriate resolution will be at Ergogrip’s sole discretion.

    3. You must provide us with the quantity, product code and description of the defective items, along with the original invoice number and date of purchase.

    4. We reserve the right to request item(s) be returned for inspection, in some cases we may request photographs.

  • Note: All our reusable dishware is manufactured to the strictest standards. Ergogrip reserves the right to inspect the items in question and Ergogrip has the final decision if this condition represents a defect or not.

  • Note: Warranty for Ergogrip equipment varies from item to item. Please inquire for details.

  • For all returns, you must have an RMA number. To get your return merchandise authorization number (RMA), please send us an e-mail or fax (1 866 908-7062) and provide the following information:

    1. Reason for return

    2. Product code

    3. Return quantity

    4. Original order date

    5. Purchase order number

    6. Buyer's name

  • If your goods are defective and still under warranty or if your order has been damaged by the carrier sent by Ergogrip, we will replace the goods at no charge.

  • If you made an error when ordering or if you have changed your mind and want to return or exchange, see below the terms and conditions that will apply:

    1. Pay a 20 % restocking fee

    2. Pay shipping charges

    3. Return the goods in new condition (unused) and in their original packaging

  • IMPORTANT: clearly indicate the return merchandise authorization number (RMA) on the shipping documentation to insure return accuracy.

  • We do not accept any returns for equipment. Once the customer's purchase order has been received by Ergogrip, the purchase is final.

    • We pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service, swift personal service is our top priority.

    • We have a dedicated team of experienced sales & customer service professionals in-house, ready to help with expert advice.

    • Ergogrip uses sealed air chamber technology. Here's why it's better:

    1. Double walled construction creates a void space between the walls of the dishware and since trapped air does not transfer heat easily, the heat cannot escape.

    2. Food and beverages stay hot for longer.

    3. No foam insulation means it is easy, less expensive and 100% recyclable at the end of its life.

    4. It is lightweight and environmentally friendly.

    5. Polypropylene, the material we use to manufacture our thermal dishware, is FDA approved. So it is safe for food and beverage.

    6. It is microwave and commercial dishwasher safe.

    • Ergogrip’s thermal dishware does NOT contain polyurethane foam insulation like many others. Here is why:

    1. Foam insulation makes thermal dishware heavy and studies have shown there is the possibility of CO2 emission from prolonged exposure in the microwave.

    2. Foam insulation is not recyclable at the end of its useful life.

    • Our Classic dinnerware is made from resin, melamine and formaldehyde. It's sturdy, attractive, reliable and lightweight.

    • The underlying base material is high quality pure melamine resin. It is a hard thermoset material with characteristics similar to plastic. It is manufactured by mixing melamine and formaldehyde in a polymerization process. This is what makes it so china-like in appearance, but less expensive and gives it it’s relatively lightweight and durable characteristics.

    • Some manufacturers have been known to mix in urea formaldehyde (urea-methanal) with their melamine resin to save on production costs because urea formaldehyde is less expensive. Ergogrip does not do that.

    • We carefully select the best possible high quality melamine resin which is 99.8% pure melamine and does not contain any more than 0.2% formaldehyde. It is the best quality melamine money can buy.

    • It is microwave safe for reheating purposes (up to 60 seconds). Not recommended to reheat foods high in fat, oil and grease.

    • It is safe in commercial dishwashers.

    • Dishware in a commercial application undergoes rigorous daily use and constant exposure to organic compounds and chemicals, so it is important to treat it with care. Organic molecules have a tendency to adhere to surfaces and the oils and tannins in coffee and tea are the most stubborn for sure. Coffee and tea stains can be difficult for all types of dishware including melamine, china, ceramic, plastic, etc.

    • We believe staining depends on a combination of several factors including; water hardness in your area, quality of dishwasher detergents and chemicals, the use of destainers and rinse additives, water temperature of your dishwasher, pre-soaking and scrubbing practices, etc.

    • Suggestions:

    1. DO NOT leave coffee and tea sitting around in mugs. It is very important to dump left-over beverages and rinse immediately. Perhaps start a presoak right in the dining room as you clear tables.

    2. Never scrub with anything abrasive like Ajax cleanser, copper or brass scouring pads or steel wool. For best results without dulling the finish use only non-abrasive woven plastic pads to scrub. You could also try a cloth or sponge.

    3. Be careful: once you scratch and have worn the surface of dishware then organic compounds tend to adhere more quickly and permanently.

    4. Have your dishwasher settings and chemical additive levels checked regularly by a professional.

    5. Generally speaking, you should use a high quality detergent that is high-alkaline for regular washing. For a presoak it should be a sodium perborate based solution. It is also important to use very hot water, almost to the point of boiling, with this type of presoak chemical.

    6. Once in a while a brief chlorine bleach rinse and wipe is safe to disinfect, but soaking in chlorine bleach for stain removal may be harmful to the finish over time.

    7. Always consult your chemical provider regarding the best products and procedures for cleaning high quality melamine, including the proper presoak chemicals.
    • IMPORTANT: We suggest a regular presoak should be an important part of your cleaning practices, this helps to remove or reduce staining before they have a chance to set. We suggest you speak with your chemical provider about recommendations for the appropriate presoak products to clean high quality melamine dishware.

    • Ergogrip’s Flexware is made from very durable polycarbonate, so it is reusable for thousands of meals.

    • It is virtually unbreakable, scratch resistant and since it is semi-transparent you can see the contents of the dish or glass.

    • Three different sized bowls and two different sized glasses are available in three different colours, which mean you can assemble all your meal trays to be uniform in appearance, or use the different colours to signify different meal types.

    • We have lids to fit every Flex bowl and glass, in most cases a single lid fits multiple bowls and glasses.

    • Flex bowls and glasses are also ideal for nourishment service, or Flex glasses can be used by your nursing department for med passes.

    • It is microwave and commercial dishwasher safe.

    • Our Flex Glasses were designed with seniors and patients in mind who need an “easy-to-use” glass.

    • Flex Glasses are superior for several reasons:

    1. Wider profile means less likely to be knocked over. Less spillage means less waste, which in turn means saving money !

    2. Wider profile accommodates the nose inside the rim of the glass. Reduces the need for people to tilt their head back so far when drinking. Nice for the elderly or patients with head/neck injuries or swallowing issues, etc.

    3. Wider profile means patients do not have to clench their hand tightly around a narrow glass. Nice for those with some arthritis or reduced dexterity since their hand doesn’t need to close so tightly. Less pain from arthritis.

    4. All our Flex Glasses have graduated marks on the side for serving size. This means staff can provide an accurate serving size and reduce waste by not over-filling, therefore saving money. If you are required to monitor fluid intake, now your monitoring is more accurate with less guess work. Ergogrip’s Flex glass is the only glass on the market with graduated marks.

    5. Subtle ribbed texture provides for an ergonomic grip. Nice for those with reduced dexterity because it helps them “feel” the glass in their hand.

    6. Flex Glasses come in three different colours, some customers use the different colours to signify different dietary needs, e.g. thickened beverages.

    7. We have one lid with a perforated straw hole which fits all our glasses, therefore no need to carry several different lids in inventory. Our lids are made especially for our Flex glasses, so no need to fumble through a variety of lid suppliers to try and find a lid that fits. We are a one-stop shop !

    8. They are microwave and commercial dishwasher safe.